Orchestronics┬« (Or’-kes-TRON-iks) is the all-inclusive ensemble.
The orchestra we know, is  a collection of emotional button-pushing instruments: powerful brass, romantic  strings, a sexy oboe, nerdy clarinet, airy flutes…  Electronic instruments have meshed well with the orchestra through thousands of film scores, but they are rarely invited to the classical stage. It’s time for the classical orchestra to evolve and welcome new sounds and new music.

Newest Release

Orchestronics goes Beyond-Classical in style and sound. Many other electronic artists record electronic realizations of standard classical repertoire, but composer Joe Wiedemann’s music is all new and original.

Composer: Joe Wiedemann
Album: Agitate

Album: Electro-Acoustic Orchestra

Album: Electronic Orchestra

Album: Bulls & Bears

New Classical Music Composer Joe Wiedemann (ASCAP) integrates expressive, new custom sounds into this versatile group.   Film and game music have explored this relationship, but New Classical marries acoustic and electronic instruments in a way that stands alone, with or without visuals.. With influences like: Mason Bates, John Adams, Jean Michel Jarre, Alan Parsons, Mike Oldfield, Jan Hammer, Kebu, Kraftwerk, Yanni, and Wendy Carlos, electronic instruments have moved closer to the classical stage.

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