Joe Wiedemann
New Classical Music
Member of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS)
Member of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

Joe Wiedemann has scored music for orchestra, broadcast television, news specials, documentaries, film, and commercial videos, since 1981. He’s garnered three Emmy nominations for his broadcast music, as well as three Silver AXIEM music awards.

New Classical Music builds upon hundreds of years of musical evolution… what Mozart learned from Bach, what Tchaikovsky learned from Mozart, and on through to today. Joe’s orchestral style offers a large palette of instruments, sounds, and new musical techniques. Each piece has a noticeable connection to the emotion-driven orchestral styles of classical masters.

Sheet music scores are generally suitable for professional, semi-professional, and university level ensembles. Works for smaller and varied ensembles make excellent educational tools.

With more than 40-years experience behind the keyboard AND the camera Joe is an 8-time Emmy® award winning photo-journalist, who understands how important music can be to telling a compelling story.

 Wiedemann has been active in creating works for television documentaries and news programs. His music has aired in national syndication, and on CBS and PBS television stations. He has scored music for commercial videos and independent film.

An album collection of original music under the name Orchestronics® explores countless varieties of orchestration using classic orchestral and electronic instruments. Wiedemann publishes sheet music for my of his original works, geared mainly toward community and educational ensembles. 

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