The latest album Element of Risk, really brings together electro-acoustic forces and imagery. The title track begins in everyone’s comfort zone, then frantically moves from various dangers and unexpected events back to safety. Evolve is basically the history of the universe from Big Bang to day. Adagio Rubato is 8-mins. of electro-orchestra relaxation. Rain follows the complete lifespan of a raindrop from vapor to stream. And Slightly Distracted is a piano piece about our short attention span technological lives.

The title cut here, Agitate is an essay on those who can’t leave well enough alone. Synth Concerto #2 is proof that electronic instruments can share the classical stage. Incompatibility Issues should easily remind us of the frustrations of dealing with ever changing technologies. And, It’s Just a Phase chronicles a lifetime from birth to the end, with all the emotional events in between.
Electronic Orchestra features Symphony #1 in D-minor for an all electronic orchestra. Other tracks include: Duet for Any Two Keyboards, Four at a Time, Please! (a quartet for any 4 instruments within range), and two pieces for acoustic orchestra plus one electronic instrument/synthesizer: Dreamcycles and Watching the Clock.

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Electro-Acoustic Orchestra is a large collection of uncommon orchestrations and pairings, showing how well acoustic and electronic instruments can marry together. It also has Concerto #1 for Synthesizer and Orchestra, possibly the first ever written.

Bulls & Bears
explored the many different styles, or genres, that electronic instruments have become a part of: jazz, classical, dance, new age… The Concerto No.1 for Piano and Electronic Orchestra uses a very classical form to show that electronic instruments are capable of forming their own classical ensemble.

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