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Orchestronics: Agitate

Agitate shakes up the orchestra with lively orchestrations and
challenging passages. Synth Concerto #2 brings an
uncommon soloist to the stage, while the all-acoustic pieces Agitate,
Incompatibility Issues, and It’s Just a Phase shake things
up in a new, yet classical style.
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Orchestronics: Electronic Orchestra

Electronic Orchestra features Symphony #1 in D-minor for an all-electronic orchestra. Other works include: Duet for Any Two Keyboards, Four at a Time, Please! (a quartet for any four instruments within range), and two pieces for full acoustic orchestra, plus one electronic instrument/synthesizer: Dreamcycles, and Watching the Clock.
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Electro-Acoustic Orchestra 
shows that the symphony orchestra CAN take on new members. Concerto No.1 for Synthesizer and Orchestra, introduced an instrument that has now come of age. A host of shorter pieces marry acoustic and electronic instruments. The style is new classical.

Bulls & Bears
explored the many different styles, or genres, that electronic instruments have become a part of: jazz, classical, dance, new age… The Concerto No.1 for Piano and Electronic Orchestra uses a very classical form to show that electronic instruments are capable of forming their own classical ensemble.

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